November 2014: The Founding and Future of Sachsen Cider GmbH

In the last several months of the old and the new year we have made some pretty major steps in the right direction.

As of Nov. 25th 2014 we became a registered company Sachsen Cider GmbH.
We initiated our crowd funding platform. We completed and opened our web site
We shifted from a Hobby Cider Maker at the Gärtnerei to a commercial Cider House & Fabrik at Mügelner Straße 20.
We began renovations on the building that will become the Cider House, The Cellar and the Tasting Room.
We hired our first employee.

Now materials, and supplies are arriving along with quotes, renovations are progressing under the guidance of Christian Fleischer, and we continue to move in the right direction. And with your help and contacts I am confident that we will reach our goal.

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