About us


We are Dresden’s first and only family run artisanal Cider House. We make cider (hard apple cider) from 100% bio local apples and juices. We believe in blending proven traditional methods like sweating the apples, maceration cuvee, malolactic fermentation & bottle conditioning with modern German technology, to produce the best ciders possible. We also believe that organic is better.

Sachsen Cider by Keith McCanna

Sachsen Cider by Keith McCanna

Why organic apples? All the research shows that organic apples make the best juice and the best cider. That means pesticide free, low in nitrogen, low in water and high in sugar and goodness. And our goal is to produce hand-crafted, high quality, artisanal ciders that we are proud enough of to put our name on. Thus only the best organic apples and juices from local orchards and press houses are used. We make a product from 100 % local organic apples and other fruits and juices in a effort to support local growers and the local economy. All of our apples come from Saxony and along the Elbe River Valley. A perfect microclimate and terroir that produces apples with the perfect balance of sugars and acids to make truly excellent cider. It’s all in the apples! And some of our ciders contain over 26 different varieties of apples from Saxony. Our ciders are hand-pressed and hand-crafted from these apples gathered from small orchards and press houses all over Saxony and along the Elbe River Valley.

We also believe in supporting the local economy and the economy of the country we call home. Our product is as local as we can get it and German all the way through, from the apples and ingredients that go inside to the bottle and cap that goes on top. If you are seeking a healthier alternative to beer then give our ciders a try you won’t be disappointed and we hope we have a cider for everyone’s taste.