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Abandoned Apple

Abandoned Apple

This cider is a hybrid between Apple Wine and Hard Apple Cider. This double fermented semi-dry, lightly sweet, and lightly carbonated (petulant) cider is made from over 20 varieties of local organic apples including some crab apples and pears. These apples were hand-picked from mature trees in forgotten orchards throughout the Elbe River Valley. The apples were then sweated till perfectly ripe and then milled with a 24 hours Maceration Cuvee before being hand-pressed.

7.5 % Abv.

Cranked Apple

Cranked Apple

A rich amber-coloured naturally flavoured cider. This was created with a blend of organic apples and cranberries. It is a well-balanced cider that is both sweet and sour. It is refreshing, surprising flavourful and smooth. It is a fully carbonated cider and opens just like a bottle of the most expensive champagne. But careful it is fully packed and charged with a high alcohol content.

8.4 % Abv.

Birne apfel

Burning Apple

Burning Apple is our most popular, sweetest, smoothest and only pear cider. It is made from 100 % organic apples and pears. It is double fermented to give it a smooth texture and gentle flavor profile. It is a semi-sweet but full sparkling cider that is light, refreshing, tasty, yet potent without the strong alcohol flavor. It is fully bottle conditioned to get the sparkling effervescence, clear yet unfiltered and non-pasteurized.

7.7 % Abv.

Label Ciderweizen


Our trademark German Cider is made from 100% bio apples and pears. Hopped up with two types of German grown organic hops and double fermented with a true Hefeweizen yeast. Looks, smells and behaves like a true Beer Garden Weiß beer but its all apples and pears! It’s unfiltered and non-pasteurized, cloudy, refreshing, fruity, and perfectly carbonated to pour with a good head. Serve it alone or on ice.

6.8 % Abv.

Feuerwerk Cider

Fireworks Apple Cider

A premium quality, single vintage, full sparkling cider that is both slightly sweet and semi-dry. Made from 100 % organic apples, then double fermented. Crafted in the traditional style of champagnes, bottled conditioned, non-pasteurized, unfiltered and sweetened with a touch of pear sugar. This cider is guaranteed to open with a pop and a fizz. Perfect for the holiday season and to ring in the New Year with. Aged six months to a year.

8.5 % Abv.