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Thanks for visiting our site. I hope you find it easy to navigate and full of the types of information about us and our ciders that you are looking for. Surf around there’s videos from our crowd funding platform and on how we make cider here. There’s photo galleries with images from the harvesting in the Fall of 2014, the pressing, bottling and tasting and of our ciders and what’s important to us. There a section about cider itself, and Eoin’s corner a literary column from an Irish friend and fellow cider enthusiast.

Please let us know what you think about our site and what additional information we can provide. Otherwise enjoy the site and hopefully we will have you over enjoying one of our ciders once we are open for business.

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Born and raised in Ontario Canada. But have lived all over Canada from The East Coast to the West. My favourite city is Vancouver and my Favourite location Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast. Born under the sign of the Lion & am still a Lion true to heart. I believe in learning by doing and sharing discoveries with others. Was a National Park Game Warden, A Marine Biologist / Natural Science Educator, Wilderness & Rocky Mountain Horseback Guide, Chemistry Teacher and now a Cider Maker here in Dresden Germany. Have lived in Germany 6 years now and find Dresden a beautiful city, but I love the nature found in Saxony and along the Elbe River Valley.


  1. Jeff Billingsley says

    Hey keith! ! It’s Jeff Billingsley. I wanted to reach out to say a quick hello to you! I have always told people of you and how i looked up to you, especially how you enjoyed the wild and nature to its fullest. Funny, i came across this site and said to my wife. .that’s keith! I think you would be quite surprised in what my interests are, and mostly because of your lead! Anyway, please do not hesitate to drop me a line sometime! I would love to hear from you. Till then, take care!

    Jeff Billingsley

  2. Keith McCanna says

    I will get back to you in a bit once I fully digest what your company offers and if it is suitable for us. Thanks for your patience

  3. Keith says

    A nice welcome with cool links to great photos – Thanks Anne

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